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Default instrument cluster small lights

Starting Winter I wanted the orange glow-light stand out of the crowd for some obvious reasons lol I liked the result a lot. Then I ended up switching all those old-school dash `idiot`lights with `fancy` stronger led bulbs. They look great, fit fine, function properly... except that now the glow plug lug light and battery light do `flash` sometimes. I`m sure it has something to do with the bulb being LED because I have no other known issues and all this xmas-light-thing came up right after I installed the tiny leds. Never when driving,it only happens shortly after cold starts,just a few times, then disappears.Switching over the bulbs can`t make it go away (nor relocate the issue to another light)
Speaking of all of them flashing in your car:
I too once had all dash lights (the ones at bottom of cluster,740)`flash` (go out, come back,go out again etc) intermittently for quite some time; it was related to my stupidity Lol, ignition switch got flooded with too much love&ArmorAll dash cleaner. LOL. I even got stuck thanks to that crap. Later I took it apart, cleaned it and resoldered a few connections and it works Ok. Cluster was a bit shaky/loose too,got fixed. (740)
Good luck fixing!

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