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Tools available:
9995187 crankshaft counterhold
9995188 wrench extension for crank balancer bolt
9995199 camshaft counterhold
9995201 wrench extension for rear camshaft bolt
Idler pulley puller
Injection pump sprocket lock pin
Valve adjustment tappet depressor and shim pliers
Injector opening pressure adjustment shim kit
Diesel compression tester kit

Per the terms above, I will make these available to borrow at no charge, but with a significant deposit, typically over $500 depending on which and how many tools you need. The tools are costly and difficult to replace and this ensures they are returned to me promptly. You pay for shipping in both directions, with full insurance for the declared value of the tools (equal to the deposit amount). Otherwise, the loan is free and your deposit is returned when I receive the tools back without damage.

Contact me by PM and let me know which tools you need and when.
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