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Originally Posted by RedArrow View Post
Wow, so sad it sat that much.
Local weather has to do with those deep holes, for sure.
Car still looks way better than ugly expensive modern plastic junks with loads of sensors.
Fix it, enjoy it, show it.
Thanks for saving it, that is going to be a beautiful challenge. Keep posting!
Yeah, unfortunately after the last accident, for a "normal car" it wasn't logical to sink any more money into it at the time. My mom got a new car in 2001 to replace the 745, then my dad continued to drive it for 6 more years, then it was having a lot of trouble starting in the winter so it got parked and that was that.

The car that replaced the 745 was a 2001 Infiniti I30 and I actually just sold that car last month and believe it or not, the Volvo despite the toll its taken on the sheetmetal, structurally the car is in better shape than that damn Infiniti was.

Now that I have introduced all the cars and myself, I will hopefully get to start up a project thread in the near future when the real fun begins.

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