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  1. New members please read!
  2. Can we upload images?
  3. How about an "introductions" thread or forum?
  4. Nice Banner!
  5. D24T.com decals NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!
  6. Showroom?
  7. 'Powertrain' section(s)
  8. We now have a link on IPD's website!
  9. Forum for other diesels?
  10. link with volvo info
  11. 4th Annual Swedish Car Cruise-In, XXX Root Beer, Issaquah WA
  12. NEW DECALS!!! These are bad-ass take a look!
  13. 27th Annual IPD Garage Sale 5/15/2010
  14. Manuals, 760 d24t
  15. Anyone notice the member count recently???
  16. New forum chat area/visitor map!
  17. Holy crap the forum is 1 year old!!!
  18. The forum is NO LONGER in danger of being shut down/deleted! Please read!
  19. Well, here it is new version 4.0
  20. Off topic vwdiesel.com
  21. Forum is back up!
  22. Member feedback section?
  23. "Events" section?
  24. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy whatever you celebrate!
  25. I'm a Dad!
  26. Sorry about the forum being down...
  27. Wondering about d24's
  28. Forum up to speed again finnaly
  29. Up to 500+ members!
  30. How do we make a donation to the forum?
  31. I'm still here...
  32. Problem with database...can't see more than 10 posts in a thread
  33. Good work !
  34. Signatures
  35. Well, I sold it.. No more volvo diesel for me..
  36. Attaching Photos
  37. Is registration down?
  38. 'Bad web reputation'
  39. Website outage
  40. How to Donate to the Forum
  41. Why is this forum dead?
  42. Photobucket Hotlink Fix (for Firefox and Chrome Browsers)
  43. Forum updated